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Attic and Crawl Space Mold Damage

Yesterday, the best way to clean up fungus and lumber mold in attics and crawl spaces was to scrape it and spray a permanent poisonous coating over it. The mold/fungus under the coating and the toxic covering remain there for the life of the property.

Now there is a better way, a greener way, and a less expensive way to clean up these problems. ABRI can now clean away the fungus and mold completely, safely, with no hazardous coatings left behind, and best of all, estimates are free.

Fungus and lumber mold are not bugs, so why hire a pest control company to spray poisons? Can't blame the exterminators. That's what they do. Kill bugs.

A Better restoration specializes in cleaning away mold and fungus. That's what we do.

What to expect of ABRI Crawl Space & Attic damage response?

  • Your phone call is connected with a highly skilled lead tech 24 hrs./7 days/week
  • Experienced crew arrives within 60 to 90 minutes and assess the water damaged areas
  • Customer is informed of dry out plan and answer any questions

How to get started

  • Call ABRI and get the process started
  • Fill out an easy to understand emergency service agreement
  • Tell the technicians your concerns and needs
  • Relax, knowing that the best are now affecting fast and efficient rescue of your property


"Thanks Robert and Andrew for all your help. You helped calm our nerves with your knowledge and experience - we are truly grateful!" - Brian

“Thank you for all your help - you helped us through a tough and emotional time for us. Your help and advice is truly appreciated." - MaryAnn

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