Emergency Services

Emergency water restoration

Highly trained teams of courteous technicians are sent immediately to your location, day or night, 24/7.  State of the art restoration starts instantly, and in a matter of hours or days, your property will be dry with a minimum of damage.  We regularly save hardwood floors, cabinets, walls and carpets.  You can relax knowing that everything is being handled by the best.  The faster you call, the quicker dry out!!!

Emergency board up

When you need your home or business secure immediately, our helpful carpenters are on call.  Whether it's a truck driving through your kitchen, a break-in, or fire, the last thing you need to worry about is the security of your property.  One call to ABRI, and we will board up the site quickly and efficiently using strong plywood and 2" X 4" planks.

Restoration Services

Water Restoration

ABRI is a certified Master Water Restorer which is the highest accreditation in the industry.  We have many specialized systems and dry out techniques that other "restoration companies"  don't have or know of.  These allow us to dry out your structure faster with less damaging results.  Better business A+ honor roll.

Mold Remediation

We began performing mold remediation in 2000.  In that time, ABRI has created multiple refined techniques and proprietary methods. We can boast that ABRI has the best results in the industry.  By using ABRI, you will enjoy up to 90 % reduction in reconstruction costs when compared to other "restoration" companies. ABRI can save almost anything that is not already damaged and just moldy(check out some of the things we have saved on our mold web page).  Over half our final test results show a 0 count of mold.  These results are unheard of in the industry until now.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

ABRI is a certified Master Fire and Smoke restorer.  We have been serving the East Bay with this service for over 25 years.  As a general contractor and restorer, our repair times for fire and smoke typically take half the time, or less, than our competitors.  This type of restoration can be very complex and worrisome.  With our knowledge and experience, you will be assured of a quick and satisfactory outcome.

Contents restoration

From furniture refinishing to professional cleaning of clothing and soft goods, we know what can be saved and how.  Full inventories with pictures document everything, and your belongings can be stored or delivered back in a timely manner.


In 26 years, we have done it all.  From skunks, dead carouses, curry, crawl space odors, animal dander, cigarettes, smoke, vermin, urine, sewage, even off gassing of new building components,  ABRI knows all the tricks to make it go away for good. 

Construction services

We work with all insurance companies repairing structures that were damaged by disasters.  The repairs are fast, professional, and we are not done until you are satisfied.  At final inspection, all details are complete and all work is guaranteed for 3 years.  We have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Carpet and Upholstery Care

Carpet Wizardry, division of ABRI, is a IICRC Certified Master Cleaner of all types of carpeting and textiles.  Our courteous cleaners make you feel comfortable